Kiru is a character concept I had of someone who'd be able to throw, teleport to, and recall knives, which turned out to also work really well as a game mechanic.

Just a quick prototype for now, instructions are in the game, enjoy!

Note that you can also hold left/right click for both functions and don't have to repeatedly tap it.

KNOWN GLITCH: Standing on top of a knife while it's recalling (automatically after the time limit or manually) will make it follow you and unable to despawn. Right clicking any knife (including the ones on you!) or restarting the game will fix it


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really cool mechanic. please expand on the idea and make a full game that'd be cool. :)

Thank you! I'll think about it when I'm not between projects and when I figure out what to do with it lol

gg in 106.54 (first run)